38About Sufism and Budhism
Sufism and Budhism have many things in common. Both focus in the elimination of ego and the awakening of true self. Both focus in gaining enlightenement in seeing the Reality as good and right.
To be free from illusions that causing unnecessary fear and sadness. Both teaches through masters who taught self mastery and not preachers who only preach but do not have self control. Both teaches to perpetuate love and peace to all men and women and shun away from spreading hate and harsh judgment of other believers. May I introduce my beloved Master of the Qodiriyah Nasyandiyah Order of the 38th Master, Master Gaos.


About Spiritual Thinking

Metode untuk merengkuh kehidupan yang lebih baik, kehidupan menuju jalan Allah yang indah dan cerah. Metode untuk “mengontrol” diri sendiri. Dengan pertolongan Allah, melalui metode ST, banyak orang berubah dalam waktu singkat menjadi lebih baik.
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